Visitor Information
We welcome visiting golfers to play our superb course - #oneofthebestinthewest - with sea views from every hole, interesting fairways and true greens, it will not disappoint - a drink and good food in the Clubhouse will complete a great round of golf

COVID-19 Information - please read carefully

READ ALL OF THIS DOCUMENT: The following instructions are to protect our guests, members and staff. They are essential and players not complying will be asked to leave the course. At all times observe Social Distancing of 2 metres.
Face masks are to be worn in all indoor areas of the Club: Clubhouse, including toilets, office and Pro Shop.

Before you arrive:
If you are ill or have symptoms, stay at home

• 1st tee starts only, no starting on 5th or 15th
• White, yellow and red tees may be booked at any time
• Tee times must be booked in advance via BRS or the club on 01239 621775
o Contact details must be provided in case contact tracing is required
• Juniors must be accompanied by an adult
• Arrive dressed for golf and change your shoes in the car park
• Park your vehicle facing into the parking space, this ensures the drivers are one car width apart.
• The front steps and ramp are to be used only to access the club office and bar/restaurant
• To access and leave the course use the ramp from the car park adjacent to the 1st tee.
• To access the toilets/changing room, there is a one way system. Leave your bag/trolley by the 1st tee, proceed behind the pro shop and in the front lobby. Exit via the changing room to the door opposite the pro shop.
• All doors will be wedged open.
Health and Safety
• At all times practice Social Distancing of 2m
• When walking from/to the carpark, be careful of players on the 1st tee
• Players not completing their round should return to the carpark by the most direct route – check your route does not interfere with other golfers on the course
• Bridleway and footpath:
o these are being used more frequently than normal, beware of walkers, dogs and horses
o marker posts should not be touched, no attempt to remove and are to be treated as immovable obstructions.
• Pest control - shooting (of rabbits) may take place on parts of the course between 7pm and 7am. This will not be in the areas where golf is being played, however you may hear shots being fired.
Practice areas do not need to be pre-booked.
• No casual practice on the course at any time
• Putting green – maximum of four players at a time, stay within each marked area, give priority to those teeing off next
• Chipping green – maximum of two players at a time, stay within each marked area, give priority to those teeing off next
• Practice Grounds – give consideration to others wishing to use the area
o Area between 5th/13th fairways
 Two players only, use marked bays
o Area behind 2nd green
 Access only from main clubhouse, out via 1st/2nd fairway, return via 2nd/18th fairway
 No access from the lane adjacent to practice area
 Use marked bays
Pro Shop:
The pro shop will be open from 0830 to 1700 each day
• No more than 2 people in the shop at a time
• Contactless payments preferred
• Observe 2m spacing if queuing to enter.
• Buggies and trollies must be booked in advance
On the course:
• Always leave the flag in the hole
• Do not touch the flagstick, there are reminder signs on each flagstick
• Golfers should carefully remove their golf ball from the hole (the hole will be raised to 2cm below the putting surface)
• Do not share any equipment, such as golf clubs or rangefinders
• Golfers should only pick up their own ball, do not pick up “found” balls
• Rakes have been removed from course, use feet and club to rake
• All course furniture, eg bells, ball cleaners, waste bins, benches are removed or bagged out of use
• Course toilet behind 9th green taped out of use
• Pengolau (shelter adjacent to 10th tee) is closed
• Stiles to right of 14th are taped out of use
• Fairway direction markers have been removed from holes 7, 9, 13 and 15
• 150 yd markers have been removed from all holes
• Do not touch signs or flagpoles
Playing the game:
• Do not remove or touch the flag pole.
o Flagsticks are fitted with ball lifters, use your putter to lift the ball out of the hole
• Bunkers are in play, and should be smoothed with foot and club. Pick and place without penalty within 1m, no nearer the hole. Green staff will restore and rake bunkers daily
• Bridleway/footpath marker posts should not be touched and are to be treated as immovable obstructions
• All temporary signs should not be touched and are to be treated as immovable obstructions
• Do not share scorecards.
• Do not touch other players balls, clubs, bags or trollies
After your round
• Do not shake hands, touch feet, touch elbows or any other form of greeting
• Take all your belongings including clubs and trolley with you
• Leave the course as soon as possible via the 1st tee ramp to the car park

- James Rogers -

From the Clubhouse to the end of the round, it doesn't get any better. Golf, food and views all in one go !

- F. Bishop -

with the possible exception of Pebble Beach, the view from the top of the Cardigan course is the finest I've seen anywhere in golf