What to wear
On the Course and in the Clubhouse

We try to offer a relaxed and inviting environment in which to play golf. and the deliberately simple dress code, described below, is designed to give guidance without being overly prescriptive, so that we can sustain our friendly and welcoming ambiance.

The operative word is ‘appropriate’ both on the Course and in and around the Clubhouse and the intention is to encourage personal responsibility, whilst considering others.

On the Course:
- Smart, casual wear is the normal order of the day
- Footwear should be appropriate for the playing of golf, soft spikes are preferred

In the Clubhouse:
- Smart casual wear is normal.
- Please do not wear golf shoes in the Clubhouse.
- Hats must not be worn in the lounge or dining room

Mobile Phones And Tablets:
We provide free WiFi so that you can use smart phones, laptops, i Pads, tablets, etc around the Clubhouse. Please keep all devices silent so that they do not cause distraction or upset to your fellow members, guests and visitors.